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Educational trip

About educational travel

  • This facility accepts a variety of educational trips, such as inter-school schools and school trips, as well as university seminars and ski camps.
    Based on our wealth of experience, we always consider educational travel from an educational standpoint so that we can maximize the excitement and knowledge that we have on educational travel.
    Please leave Hotel Hananoki educational trip to Hotel Hananoki.

◆About food origin

  • The menu for educational trips at this facility is disclosed for safety reasons.


Pork loin grilled meat (Porcelain pottery)Sliced pork loin(Canadian production) butter
Bean sprouts・onion・BroccoliSprout onion broccoli (Ecuadorian)
Attached sauceSoy sauce Amino acid Sugar Apple Fermented condiment Apple cider vinegar Sesame oil Garlic garlic White sesame Spice Salt Caramel color (Contains wheat and soybeans as part of the raw material)
Stuffed sesame seedsChicken bonito soup Sesame soy sauce Sugar Ajinomoto
Pumpkin saladPumpkin mayonnaise sugar
Sweet cornSweet corn (From Hokkaido)
Fried chickenmeat・・・Chicken (thigh) Starch Flour Soy Sauce Powdered egg white Salt Sugar Ginger Rice flour Chicken egg Mirin Spice Spice Garlic Vegetable oil
Clothes・・・Flour Powdered egg white Dextrin Salt Starch Soy sauce Vegetable oil Spice Emulsifier
Yawa and Konnyaku no YuYuba (Tochigi product) Konnyaku (Tochigi product) Bonito soup Soy sauce Mirin Miso (Red miso sugar Mirin sake)
tomato jellytomato juice(Concentrated reduction) Granulated sugar gelatin agar
Savory egg custardChicken egg whole egg(Tochigi Prefecture) Soup stock(Niigata Prefecture) Three leaves(Shizuoka Prefecture) chicken(Brazil production) Light soy sauce Mirin
riceRice(Tochigi Prefecture) water
Wakame and vermicelli soupseaweed(Chinese production) Vermicelli (From Thailand)
Chicken consomme・・・Lactose Sodium chloride Chicken Dextrin Sugar Chicken Fat Yeast extract Edible oil and fat Protein hydrolyzate Powdered soy sauce Onion powder
Fermented seasoning Spices Chicken extract Starch Fructose Amino acid Caramel pigment (Some contain wheat, milk ingredients, soy, chicken)
barley teaOdor barley tea from Itoen
Vanilla cup iceSuper cup・・・Sugar water sugar glucose fructose sugar sugar palm oil palm oil dairy egg yolk salt flavor flavor stabilizer


Thick baked eggChicken egg(Niigata Prefecture) Prepared Sugar Starch Brewing Vinegar Salt Edible Oil and Fat Soy Sauce Water Bake Oil
NattoSoybean soy sauce seasoning (Including pork origin)
Daikon radishJapanese radish(From Hokkaido) Soy sauce
Baked sweet potatoSalt
Teriyaki sauce meat dumplingdumpling・・Chicken onion green onion pork fat bread crumbs powdery soy protein starch starch egg white powder soy sauce salt salt sugar flavor rapeseed oil fermented seasoning
Sauce・・Sugar, soy sauce, apple puree, worcester sauce, brewed vinegar, fermented seasoning, spices, tomato ketchup, salt, green onion, processed starch, seasoning (Contains milk ingredients derived ingredients)
Fresh tomatoTomato (Aichi prefecture・Shizuoka Prefecture)
Miso soup with plenty of vegetablesJapanese radish(Chiba Prefecture) carrot(From Tokushima Prefecture) Deep fried burdock(Tochigi Prefecture) Green onion stock miso water
riceRice(Tochigi Prefecture) water
barley teaOdor barley tea from Itoen
Tochiotome strawberry jellystrawberry(Fruit juice・puree・seed)Glucose fructose sugar sugar sweetened condensed milk gelling agent starch sour taste agent flavor vitamin C adjusted water


KamameshiUruchi rice(Hokkaido and others) Shimizu Chicken(Iwate Prefecture) carrot(From Tokushima Prefecture) Burdock(Chinese production) Soup stock soy sauce sake sugar
Fried shrimpShrimp (Indonesia is processed and manufactured at a domestic plant) Bread crumb egg liquid Flour Salt Salt Baking powder Sugar
Hamburger demiglas sauceChicken meat Onion Breaded beef tallow Wine Soy sauce Sugar Salt Spice (Manufactured at a plant in Shizuoka Prefecture using domestic ingredients)
Bouillon flour onion lard spice tomato paste red wine sugar salt amino acid ketchup worcester sauce beef soy pork
French friespotato(Canadian production) Salt vegetable oil
Carrot and broccolicarrot(Chinese frozen) Soy sauce Mirin and broccoli (Ecuadorian frozen)
Tartar sauce (Side dish)Edible vegetable oils and fats (including soybeans) Pickle egg Glucose added sugar Liquid sugar Brewing vinegar Salt Thickener (modified starch xanthan gum) Amino acid Lemon juice Spice Spice extract
Mandarin orangeTangerine canned syrup
Mushroom white sauce pie Wrapped oven bakedWhite sauce(Powdered fat whole milk powder dextrin vegetable oil cheese chicken extract salt garlic extract sugar onion powder yeast extract pepper powder nutmeg powder
Modified Starch Cellulose Flavor (Some contain wheat, milk ingredients, soy, chicken)
Maiko(Niigata Prefecture) Shimeji(Nagano Prefecture) pie(Wheat flour, margarine, salt and water) Egg fluid
Yuba, carrot, daikon, silk simmered dishYuba (from Tochigi Prefecture) Carrot (from Tokushima Prefecture) Daikon (from Chiba Prefecture) Silk sheath Bonito soup Soy sauce Sake Mirin Sugar
Kanpyo's miso soupKanpyo(Tochigi Prefecture) Green onion stock miso water
barley teaOdor barley tea from Itoen
Chocolate mousseCocoa powder milk(Tochigi Prefecture) Sugar gelatine
whip(Vegetable oil, starch syrup, sugar, dairy product, emulsifier)Spray chocolate (Mass sugar, cacao mass, glucose lecithin)


PancakeWheat flour water egg sugar skimmed milk powder oil
Maple syrup butterSugar mixed glucose fructose sugar sugar sugar maple honey flavored food refined processed oil and fat vegetable oil butter powder milk salt salt emulsifier emulsifier
potato saladPotato mayonnaise Onion Carrot Sugar Salt Spice
broccolibroccoli(Ecuadorian) salt
Roast hamPork loin meat Water starch Vegetable protein Egg protein Salt Salt Lactose Milk protein
Boiled eggChicken egg whole egg (Tochigi Prefecture)
Spring rollCabbage, onion, carrot, garlic, ginger, vermicelli, granular plant protein, starch, vegetable oil(Sesame oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil) Pork fat salt
Oyster sauce sugar pepper peel(Wheat flour, rapeseed oil, rice flour, starch, starch syrup, salt) seasoning (Amino acid etc)
Cut orangeNavel orange (From California)
Spinach butter sautespinach(Chinese production)Butter salt pepper salad oil
Yogurt pineappleRaw milk, dairy product, pineapple canned syrup
Black teaBlack tea (No sugar)

◆About radiation of main sightseeing spot in Nikko city

  • Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, measurement of atmospheric radiation concentration has been carried out by Nikko City.
    As disclosed below, please check at LINK destination.

◆Radioactive substance analysis by original request of this facility

  • At this facility, in consideration of safety, we analyze radioactive materials independently.
    We will disclose a "radioactive substance analysis result notification".

◆About our facilities

  • Information has been compiled for educational travel. Please download and use it.
  • We will do our best to make educational trips enjoyable and meaningful in the nature of Okunikko.
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.